martes, 27 de enero de 2009

On the move

Sorry dear Bloggers!! It's been a long time but I have been on the move from one side of the world to the other, very crazy!! But I am back with a post that has been waiting a long time to be published.
Her name is Vania Zouravliov and she is one of my favourites. Intricate, detailed and dramatic compositions make her one of a kind. She makes portraits to die for with a strong Japanese illustration influence mixed with European classic illustration. She works with Big Active (like Jasper Goodall) my favourite agency. Check Vania's portfolios here.

jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

T.S. Abe

Just nineteen and already so decided and passionate about her work. Her portraits show immense talent and we are looking forward to see what happens in the future with this very young but also experienced illustrator. She makes me feel late. You can find her portfolio here