lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008


Sam Weber's portfolio shows great ability in the use of ink, incredible portraits (including this one of Björk) and a subtle influence of surrealism. He is able to approach very well the editorial work he has worked for the New York Time and other important clients. His work is mystifying. Check his website here

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Villes Avimma

Dear bloggers, between not finding anything to put and the lack of time I haven't published anything in a while but today I have found an Illustrator website that from top to bottom is really good. The Illustrations are quite intriguing, I really like the way you can see the progress of the style through out the page. You can see it here

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

Marc Craste and Studio AKA

Marc Craste is an amazing animation director, he has a very personal darkness and style. Watch the love story of "Jojo in the stars" and the "pica tower series" . He is responsible for the "LLoyds for the Journey advert" as well, and if you have a chance to assist the screening Varminsts, don't miss it.

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Tribute to Frida Kahlo

I iniciated a series of portraits of women that I admire, the first one was of Billie Holiday posted a few days ago. Now is the turn of Frida.

jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

I was finding very disturbing the music without warning when the page opened, so the music player doesn't start automatically anymore. New music was added though so if you want to hear just press play yourself.

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008


"Thinking is drawing in your head" Alan Fletcher
I have been unable to update my website so if you want to see my most recent work see this blog or flick through my flickr. This is a detail of an illustration from my book Cosmography. More pictures of the book will come soon.

Book archeology

Brian Dettmer carves page by page and exposes the images hidden inside the books creating fantastic 3D compositions. Check all the images here

Biomorphology by John Casey

In his interview for "My love for you is a stampede of horses" John Casey says:
"my theory is if one could distort one's body based on one's emotion or psychological state, what would that look like?" Interesting question right? what would you look like?

Answering that question he offers us his work, a detailed series of odd, striking alteregos. Check his website here.