miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008

♥R.I.P. Bettie Page♥

"I think that she was a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society". An idol. Sweet sexy burlesque video here.

lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008


Henry Selick directed Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach and now he brings us a fantastic new movie called Coraline. This movie has everything I love: handmade things, miniatures, a vintage look and lovely characters. I am completely obsess with Coraline!! Please visit Coraline.com for a fantastic experience. Can't wait for next year to see the movie!! By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

Taedium Vitae - Farewell Notes of Japanese Literary Suicides by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert

I have followed A Journey Around My Skull blog for a while now, and I find fascinating almost everything that is posted on it, this time they have published a very interesting article about the culture of literary suicide in Japan.

"In Japan, longstanding tradition has perpetuated several honorable categories of seppuku, or ritual suicide; a fact reflected by the Japanese language, which contains many terms for specific forms of shi, or death. Shinju is the word for suicide which fulfills a pact between lovers. Roshigokuraku-ojo is the death (of a woman) through prolonged sexual intercourse."

For the article click here and a few weeks back I posted Yukio Mishima's "Yûkoku or Rite of Love and Death" that connects with this article very well so maybe you will want to see it if you haven't or see it again if you have here.

martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

Drawings, etchings, animation, installations and wallpaintings by the amazing italian artist Ericailcane. He has a great variety of work, that shows us that it doesn't matter the media you choose what matters are the ideas.

viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008


I have mix feelings about this music video, I don't really like the song but the video is fantastic. It was drawn frame by frame on top of the video and you can see the work that required. We declare ourselves fans of this beautifully home made animation. I will love to do some myself!!!


"Conjuring a macabre phantasmagoria that unfurls before your eyes like a sinister but beautiful bloom, Insensate showcases the brutal geometry and raw creative fire of Gareth Pugh's A/W 2008 collection to truly bewitching effect." If you want to know more about this video click here


Illustrator Beata Szcecinska shares our love for the black and white. She works under the name Cityabiss, this name is very appropriate for her highly urban, deconstrusted and a bit decadent illustrations. Cityabiss mixes traditional drawings with digital compositions to create work for top class clients like Varoom and Computer Arts Magazine. She was showcased in Illusive 2 a book that shows the best of the contemporary illustration and she totally deserves it. See her portfolio here.